Imaging Interactions


IBIS has developed SPRint (SPR inspection tool) software to allow a user to easily process big high-thoughput array-based SPR data generated by the MX96.

Also, by using our SUIT (Set Up IBIS Tool), setting up your measurement becomes very easy.

SPRint software allows you to export the processed the data to a file format recognized by third-party software such as Scrubber2, Binning Tool, GraphPad, Excel, etc.


suitSet-up IBIS Tool software has been developed to easily set up an experiment at your office desk.

To organize your experiment, SUIT consists of three components:
Method, Samples and SensEye.

Each component has a dedicated interface allowing you to quickly identify sample and ROI names and locations, and program interaction parameters. All information is pooled into a template that can be loaded by the MX96. Just load your samples and start the instrument!


sprintSPRint software (SPR INspection Tool) enables selection and control of the relevant sensorgrams for biomolecular interaction analysis and referencing the data. Zeroing, cropping, referencing, aligning and determination of slope, Rmax and kd can be performed to analyse data to overlay plots. ROI calibration can be performed and a serial plot for baseline development during large series can be shown. Two tile functions show all interactions of either the samples and the ROI’s in a single screen for conveniently making relevant selections.

Make the difference between a successful program and a clinical failure