Imaging Interactions

IBIS Technologies

IBIS’ MX96 SPR imager uses proven technology
Imaging allows the visual inspection of your SPR array
Interrogate 1 to 100s of proteins at once
Create arrays with 48 up to 348 or more spots
Perform affinity ranking and epitope binning on the same sensor
Use small sample volume for unlimited association time
Robust system allows complex matrix buffers and low maintenance cost
Use the system at multiple points in your screening cascade
from single shot binding to full kinetics & affinity to epitope binning

Off-line array printing:
Print next sensor while running your experiment
Use one spotter for multiple SPR machines
Dedicated tubing prevents cross-contamination of analyte with ligand

Set up, measure, process and analyze your experiments with fast and dedicated software

  • Low sample volume
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Unique analysis software
Make the difference between a successful program and a clinical failure