IBIS is currently hiring.

Full-stack Software Engineer (R&D) 
IBIS Technologies is an analysis and instrumentation company manufacturing and developing label-free biosensing imaging devices based on surface plasmon resonance. The instruments are used for in-depth monitoring of multiple biomolecular interactions.
Our team consists of people with diverse backgrounds, all individually contributing to a great working atmosphere and applying their unique skills to a flexible work environment.
To strengthen our team, we are looking for an R&D software engineer. This is a key operational position for an organized, passionate and goal-oriented team member who is highly self-motivated and knows how to manage tasks independently.


In consultation with our team you will fill in software needs in addition to the in-house developed software. New software projects are planned for the coming years and you will have a main role in both designing and implementing front-end and back-end software. Several hardware components found in our devices will need to be controlled in a streamlined and efficient manner. Storage, processing and analysis of the generated big data will also require your attention.
You are able to translate your own ideas and those of our engineers into efficient, well-structured and well-documented software.


– Bachelor degree or higher
– Professional working experience in software development using C++/C# with a proven track record for delivering high quality code
– Knowledge of Delphi is a plus
– Pragmatic and entrepreneurial personality
– Outstanding analytical skills, business sense and result-driven mentality
– Demonstrated working as team player in cross-functional project teams
– Experience with ISO / CE / CFR compliance is a plus

Employment Type

32 hours per week, minimal


IBIS Technologies BV, Pantheon 5, 7521 PR  Enschede, The Netherlands.
+31 (0) 53 475 1850,

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