IBIS SPR Academy 2020

IBIS SPR Academy is a meeting organized by IBIS Technologies covering the theoretical and practical aspects of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) measurements. The meeting will educate users of the IBIS MX96 in the field of SPR measurements. The course will have a theoretical part, detailing the physics of SPR, surface chemistry, continuous flow microspotting, maintenance and data acquisition, interpretation and analysis. The other part will be practical, focusing on handling and maintenance of the instruments, tips and tricks regarding setting up of measurements, choosing buffers, and gaining insight in how an envisaged assay can be translated to an SPR experiment in the most efficient way in the practical sense.

Several applications will be explored such as classical kinetics (including regeneration), kinetic titrations (no regeneration), using SPR array for kinetic screening and ranking, regeneration buffer scouting, epitope binning and mapping.

Upon completion of this course, you will have gained in-depth knowledge of SPR, its applications and ways to perform experiments using the MX96/CFM combination. The following skills will have been learned: SPR Theory, SPR surface chemistry, Experiment design, Data processing, Data analysis, Data modeling techniques, MX96 and CFM operation and maintenance.

Also, we find that the IBIS SPR Academy is ideal for meeting other IBIS users and sharing your experience with others!

We are planning a four-day SPR Academy for 2020 and would like to know if you are interested! Please let us know by filling in the form below.

IBIS SPR Academy 2020

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