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Cost of Ownership

Cost of Ownership: IBIS is value for money
At IBIS Technologies, quality goes hand in hand with lowest cost of ownership. Cost of ownership is not only the investment in terms of depreciation but involves the total operational costs of the system.

  1. the costs of sensorchips. IBIS is up to 50 times less expensive because of multiplexing
  2. the costs of sample use. IBIS uses 100 µL sample regardless of interaction time
  3. the costs of labor. Easy operation and full automation enables unattended runs day and night, weekends
  4. the costs of maintenance. Benefit from valveless injection without using microfluidic cartridges. Robust, low-maintenance components
  5. the costs of investment. High performance similar to competing high end instruments

Cost of ownership depends on application used most, throughput, sample costs etc…..

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