Sometimes going with the flow is a good thing.


Benefits of Printing with Flow:

  • Print from dilute solutions by concentrating material onto the slide surface
  • CFM printing head seals around each spot, eliminating background and cross talk
  • Print directly from complex solutions, capturing only the molecule of interest
  • Print low abundance secreted proteins or phage display antibodies directly from crude media
  • Each sample is isolated in its own hydrated microenvironment, preventing denaturation
  • Print DNA, proteins, cells, carbohydrates, lipids, and more
  • Higher assay sensitivity
  • Improved spot morphology and uniformity
  • Deliver multiple solutions across each spot in series

When compared to pin or non-contact printing the CFM enables up to 10,000 fold sensitivity enhancements and ligand concentrations 1,000 fold more dilute than other technologies, as well as the printing of ligands directly from crude mixtures onto a selective capture surface.


Make the difference between a successful program and a clinical failure