The IBIS MX96 fluidic system comprises a flow-cell and two syringe pumps for generating a back and forth flow during the interaction process . In this way, a high mass transport rate of analyte to the sensor surface is guaranteed. Another advantage is that because of the back and forth flow, the required sample volume is kept small (100 microliter) and any association time applied using the same sample volume. During the dissociation phase, the buffer solution is slowly pumped over the sensor area by the second syringe pump, to maintain zero analyte concentration. If needed, the sample can easily be recovered. Furthermore, no injection loops are applied and the operation of the liquid handling system is entirely valveless when injecting a sample. The robust liquid handling system has low cost of maintenance and replacement parts.

The liquid handling system of the IBIS MX96 incorporates an X-Y-Z robotic arm which is fully automated by means of scripts. This allows for fully unattended operation of the instrument. Besides 3 containers (10 ml) and 12 vials (0.5 ml), the instrument is compatible with the standard 96-well plate format. The temperature is controlled by a Peltier cooling and heating system. The scripts are run from several templates of applications.

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