Interaction Laboratory

The IBIS interaction laboratory provides services in the field of label-free biomolecular interaction analysis, with in-depth knowledge in Life Sciences. With extensive technical expertise, wide-ranging experience and access to the most innovative and state-of-the-art SPR technology, IBIS interaction lab is the leading expert in the use of SPR. We have a broad application portfolio available, allowing the selection of the best approach to answer your research questions.

Contract research
Outsourcing your experiments to a professional service provider like the IBIS interaction lab allows you to concentrate on data analysis and interpretation while saving time and money.

Next-generation SPR analysis
IBIS interaction lab has in-depth knowledge of life sciences, extensive technical expertise, and access to the most innovative SPR technologies available. IBIS MX96 SPR imaging, SensEye® SPR surface chemistry and Continuous Flow Microspotting technologies are deployed to help you to select the best approach for answering your research questions. Our goal is to provide our customers with reliable, high-quality data that supports your previous findings and paves the way to new insights and scientific breakthroughs.

Our portfolio
We have a broad application portfolio ranging from multiplex concentration determination, kinetic analysis of on- and off-rates and affinity constant analysis of for example protein-protein interactions, protein-DNA interactions, drug discovery (LMW), epitope mapping, antibody binning and characterization studies, and more. Because of our multiplexing capacity (up to 96 ligands can be measured simultaneously), we offer unmatched turnaround times at low cost.

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