During the biomolecular interaction process the instrument is filming and grabbing the images of the sensor surface in order to determine the SPR minimum. An SPR reflectivity image can be taken to position regions of interests (RoI) and to inspect the quality of the sensor surface. A sensor surface area of 6.6 by 8.8 mm is imaged. The sensitivity of the IBIS-MX96 is 0.5 RU as determined by root mean square deviation (sensitivity depends on instrument settings and experimental setup).

In fixed-angle instruments, the applicable range is limited and spot-to-spot sensitivity differ considerably when ligand or analyte panels having different molecular weights are to be monitored. The use of only one fixed incident light angle is therefore not suitable for the monitoring of multiple biomolecular interactions in parallel on a microarray. The scanning angle principle used in the IBIS MX96 overcomes spot to spot sensitivity problems and linearity issues.


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